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Beep Test Pro

Developer: RhythmicWorks
0.99 usd

Beep Test Pro is an enhanced version of the free basic Beep Test app available at In addition to all that Beep Test has to offer, Beep Test Pro provides the following:
- Save Results. You can save test results (up to 999 of them)- Multiple Users. Each result is "tagged" to a name (see Switch between "Enclosure" mode and "Name" mode--- Import names from a plain text file (sdCard, Cloud [Gdrive])--- Save multiple results during a single run- Enhanced Voice Cues. Built-in. Mark shuttles and levels- Photo. Option to take a "linked" photo when saving a result- Sort Results. By Name, VO2Max or Date- View Individual progress ... graphically, too- Export Results. Send an email with the results- Paste-Special directly into a Google spreadsheet. --- Or load into your favorite spreadsheet program- Better Time Management. Timings are super accurate- Option to run first level at 8 kph (default is 8.5)- Option to run 15 meter lap (default 20)
Work out, stay fit, enjoy life more!
Note on dealing with a large group: Read
Notes on Photos: - Requires a back-facing camera - Requires the option to be turned on (within Beep Pro) - Every "Save" will invoke your phone's built-in photo app where... --- You need to press appropriate buttons to take/approve a photo --- After which you are automatically returned to Beep Pro - Photos are stored in Pictures/Beep-mm-dd (e.g. Beep-08-29) - Photos are "linked" to results by their names as follows... --- Image file named HH.MM.SS-Level (e.g. 15.05.35-4.5) --- The result (visible under "Results") will have the identical timestamp, level - Photos are accessible through regular gallery/photo apps - The app, QuickPic, is a good tool to review these photos